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About IntimeAlok

IntimeAlok is a dynamic and innovative agency specializing in web design, digital marketing, and branding design services. With a track record of success, it has established itself as a reliable partner for organizations looking to build their online presence and develop creative brand identities.


Web Design & Development

Web design and web development agency providing website design and web development services, with the most popular CMS and eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, and Wix.

From landing pages to content management systems — your website should be a driving force for your company’s business. We understand your website design and web development needs.

That’s why our experienced web designers and web developers design and build customized mobile-friendly and compelling websites with conversions in mind; incorporating key elements that not only meet your business requirements but encourage your visitors to take action.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing, can also be called as  Online Marketing and Internet Marketing. The purpose of having it is to increase your digital footprint and online visibility making it easier for potential leads to find you online.

Full suite digital and social media marketing agency in Singapore providing social media marketing services, such as Facebook marketing campaigns and Instagram marketing campaigns.

Leverage on our certified social media marketing expertise to develop and execute performance-oriented social media marketing campaigns that get you the results you desire.

Branding Design
Branding design is all about creating a brand identity that perfectly reflects your brand. A brand designer can create elements that shape your company’s branding design and represent your brand’s personality. Branding is a complex process with a lot of elements that need to be considered when creating the perfect brand design. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. Use the branding inspiration below to help navigate the creative process of designing your brand.
When talking about branding design, it typically refers to key brand elements such as the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design components that make a brand stand out from competitors, and recognizable to consumers.

Buyer Reviews

Nice client. He is good person. I want to work with him again.

Tameem Asim From Pakistan

Mr. Alok K really a professional & punctual freelancer. He has done my work with great efforts to complete it within the time frame i.e. only 6 days, however the project was not simple & small. His communication was nice and perfect during the project to make it accordingly. Overall and the most important thing is that this person is very very polite and good human being. I will suggest other employers also to do your work done with Mr. Alok only. He will never disappoint you, I am sure.

Tapan Mondal From India

Alon gave his best to set up a wonderfully design website in less than five days. He was very communicative and very respectful. He set up PayPal and Stripe and did all he could a nice way to satisfy our needs. I will definitely recommend him and I will be happy to hire him again. All the best Alok

Yovo Hounsa From Benin

Fast and good work

Reijo Naetti From Finland

Thank you! Always a delight working with you

Aamira From USA

Beautifully made logo for my company. Really really nice work with what a perfection. Amazing and attractive work done by Alok K. Within a day he has completed my logo. Communication with Alok K was always good. Very very cool & nice person. Trust he will make your work without disappointing you guys.

Tapan Mondal From India

Yet another Victory by Alok. We've started B-WINNERS about a month ago. and Alok was selected for thé first task. He built in less than 5 days. When advertise our second job, he promptly replied and got selected due to our first work with him. In less than five days, he also put together He is very communicative and a good team payer If you need a web designer Alok IS THE ONE Excellent work and may God favour you in your career. Blessings

Yovo Hounsa From Benin


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